We are very happy to announce that Leeds United legend, Allan Clarke, has agreed to become an ambassador for Leeds Fans Utd. Allan spoke at length during our meeting in January and revealed his frustration at the club’s ongoing issues, and a belief that the club’s supporters needed to have a stronger platform from which to have their say on key decisions. His passion and commitment were inspiring and at the end the audience gave him a standing ovation.

Leeds Fans Utd Project Leader, Dylan Thwaites, said:

“We couldn’t be more pleased that Allan’s agreed to become our ambassador. When he talked about the experiences he’d had whilst playing in that legendary team and the close-knit family atmosphere, everyone realised how fan ownership could help play a vital part in recapturing that in the present day. We’re all looking forward to working closely with him.”

Speaking about why he’d chosen to take up the role, Allan said:

“In recent years the Leeds supporters have proved time and time again that they’re as loyal as they come. What they deserve is to have a bigger say in how the club is run. This group is made up of fans who want to achieve that goal and I fully endorse what they’re trying to do”.