Shareholders’ Update January 2018

Shareholders’ Update

Election Results

As per the last email, the Society has a legal need for two directors to retire and stand again for their posts should they choose to do so.

Mr Philip Robinson and Mr Howard Nelson are the two directors retiring this time and both have indicated that they wish to stand again. The Society requested any further candidates to notify us should they wish to stand against them.

No further candidates have come forward so I am able to announce Mr Robinson and Mr Nelson duly elected unopposed.

Mike Thornton – Secretary – 24th January 2018

Request for Information

I have received several requests from members recently for more information as to the negotiations with the club for fan ownership.

I think you will have realised that Mr Radrizzani completes his negotiations in complete privacy and that ethos is now prevalent throughout the club, where matters such as transfers, contracts, commercial negotiations and financial matters are now carried out behind closed doors. I, for one, am pleased with this change that has shifted the club from being a circus that leaks stories at the drop of a hat to a club respected for its professionalism.

You will know from the shareholders’ email sent out eight weeks ago that LF CBS is in negotiations with the club and subject to the same non-disclosure ethos – the recent shareholders’ email was a departure from that and made only with the express agreement of the club: The club allowed this because it recognises our members’ need for information as well as its own need for privacy.

I hope the club will allow another update in coming weeks which will throw more light on the current situation.

Mike Thornton – 24th January 2018