Statement: Leeds United Supporters Trust (LUST) and Leeds Fans Utd

Representatives of LUST, Leeds Fans Utd, Supporters Direct and The Football Supporters Federation met Friday 10th July in Leeds to discuss co-operation between Leeds Fans Utd & LUST.

Leeds Fans Utd acknowledges the 14 years of Trust activity as being important in paving the way for others to progress the idea of supporter ownership. We recognise and respect the enormous role LUST continues to play in offering Leeds supporters pastoral care and practical assistance.

While LUST maintains its belief in the SD model, it recognises that in the present circumstances the Leeds Fans Utd initiative represents a real solution for fan ownership of LUFC.

As an initial demonstration of our shared interest going forward, we will be emailing each others shareholders & members to drive increased participation and understanding of each others virtues.