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Update on LFU’s Discussions with LUFC and 49ers


Leeds Fans Utd welcomes the takeover of Leeds United by the 49ers.


We have been engaged with Leeds United for a number of years now, pressing for fans to get shares in the club. We have had many positive discussions with them, but these have never translated into concrete actions to achieve our goal. We are confident that this situation will change with the 49ers in control.


LFU has now been trying for 8 years to achieve its aim – far longer than originally envisaged. Our shareholders have been incredibly patient but this change of ownership is, we believe, the point at which to move forward towards this goal, or to accept that it simply isn’t going to be possible. We appreciate that the new owners will have many other priorities but we will be looking for them to make a written commitment before the end of this year to work with us. In the absence of this we will begin the process of returning to shareholders 90% of their original investment and of winding up the project.


The 49ers have big issues to settle at the club just now and we will respect their need to focus on those matters; we feel that there will be no new information for members until the start of the season and have pencilled in September for the date of the next AGM.


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